THE CHILDREN'S HOUR - Lakewood Playhouse, January 2013

This turned out to incredibly effective in the round for this intense production.  The choice by the theatre to present it in the round meant space was very tight, but this turned out to be an advantage.  One of few sets I have ever deliberately designed to be uncomfortable - but it works for the play. Also designed the lights.

Paint Elevation of Floor surfaces and sample for woodwork
A great deal of my career seems to have been spent convincing directors that walls for walls' sake are boring. Luckily for me, some of them didn't need a lot of persuasion. I always want to hone in on the details - those things that you remember about a place years after the wall mass is long forgotten. In the heightened emotionality of dramas, this can be incredibly effective and provide opportunities for Lighting to play a much more active and evocative emotional role. You will also see, I've come up with some successful traditional settings too. It's still all in the details!

Ten Little Indians - 2004
Having Our Say - 2004
The Piano Lesson - 2001
Treasure Island - 2004

Of Mice and Men - 2004

Peter Pan - 2007

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