Friday, April 19, 2013

THE RAINMAKER Opens tonight @ Lakewood Playhouse!

Every production of N. Richard Nash's play that I have ever been part of has been a thing of beauty.  This one is no exception, and I am NOT talking just about my work.

 A few shots taken as ladders were still in play and Technical Director, Larry Haggerman, had put out bubble wrap for the weary but accomplished crew to do the happy dance on ...
 Shots of the finished (AND dry!) set taken during cast warm ups before the final rehearsal ...God help me!  A rehearsal block dressed as a crate made it into the show - I DIDN'T PUT IT THERE!
Thank you to Casi and Cast for bringing very real and honest characters to life!  Thank you Larry Haggerman and the LPH Team and Crew for, in some cases, almost literally moving mountains to make this lovely show a reality. Opens tonight, April 19th, and plays through May 12th.  Yes, it really rains on stage!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

THE RAINMAKER Opens at Lakewood Playhouse 4.19

I love Richard Nash's Romantic Comedy.  Just love it!  Have done it several times, last time as Props and Costume Designer for a lovely production in 1998 Directed by Rod Pilloud.  This production is Directed by the fabulous Casi Wilkerson ...

Here are process shots and paint elevations. Lot's still to go!

 Volunteers Robin and Evelyn are doing a great job.